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The initial Steering Group was elected on Sept 12, 2013

Mike Wood

Kevin Eaton (Chairman)

Peter Barr

Glen Wall

Michael Say (Secretary) contact:- michael.say@hazelwood42.plus.com

Martin Angold

Keith Walker

Judy Harris

Les Brown

Hugh Walford

subsequently others have agreed to help with the overall planning or

with specific tasks within the project.

Summary of meetings

July 17, 2013: First Open Meeting, Parish Council proposal to the parish for a Neighbourhood Plan.

Sept 12, 2013: Elected Steering Group. Next meeting to form first working group and plan tasks. Start applications to AVBC and for funding.

Oct 17, 2013: Elected Chair and Secretary. Arranged sub-group meeting to produce Preliminary Questionnaire. Another sub-group to prepare first submission to AVBC.

Oct 24, 2013: Subgroup met to plan preliminary questionnaire. AVBC application needs amendment so that the Parish Council is itself the applicant with a Steering group managing the project on its behalf.

Nov 21, 2013: The group met to arrange the distribution of the Newsletter/Questionnaire.

Dec 5, 2013: Results of the questionnaire were summarised. Plans started for an Open Meeting to present the results and how we progress. Grant application had been successful.

Jan 16, 2014: Preparation for the Open Meeting on Feb 20th. Powerpoint presentations and display boards. Publicity - press, email, website, doordrops of colour printed poster. Working Groups started with tasks re housing, landscape, community, people and planning history.

Feb 20, 2014: Open Meeting to present survey results and discussion of the way forward

March 6, 2014: Discussion of the first drafts of the Working Groups reports i.e. Settlement character, Age profile, Young people, Community facilities, Landscape character and Planning history. The Road Map is to be updated and a Vision and key Objectives to be proposed for the next meeting.

April 3, 2014: Expenditure so far is £640.  Working group reports to have some modifications.  Newsletter to go out in May with second questionnaire. Presence at Church Fete agreed. Draft working group reports to be compiled and reviewed.

May 6, 2014: Introduction to Final Questionnaire and Newsletter and distribution plan for w/e May 10. Grant promised from CDF to cover cost of consultant from June17th. Comments required by secretary on the draft Vision proposals.

June 19, 2014: At this meeting our consultant - Helen Metcalfe - gave a presentation on our work so far and how we should progress.

July 17, 2014:  Final plans for Church Fete display. Final questionnaire report to be compiled by Bob and Irene Wrigley. Housing Needs Assessment data not available from AVBC.

Aug 7, 2014:  Final Questionnaire conclusions debated.  First draft Objectives and Policies from Mike Wood for review.

Aug 19, 2014: Discussion on first draft Objectives and Policies.  Mike to reorganise the information.

Sept 4, 2014: Discussion on meeting with AVBC (Sept 1st). Debate on first draft proposals. Discussion on proposed Visual Impact Assessment tool.

Sept 30, 2014: Meeting with Helen Metcalfe to discuss our first draft proposal.

Oct 23, 2014:  Review of Final Questionnare report. Agreement to assess the cost etc of Housing Needs Survey.  Review of meeting with Helen Metcalfe about Objectives and Policies.

Nov 13, 2014: Planning for the Open meeting, including publicity and presentations.  Discussion about wording for Objectives and the concept of a Village Design Statement

Jan 15, 2015: Review of Open Meeting. Planned how to handle Housing Needs report when available. Consideration of the proposed Objectives/Policies from H Metcalfe and M Wood. Discussion about trees and TPOs.

Feb 12, 2015: Review of first draft of Housing Needs report and plan how to progress the writing of the Objectives and Policies

March 12, 2015: Further review of HNS report and a start to a notable tree audit.  Draft Objectives and Policies and planning for an Open Meeting in May.

April 9, 2015: HNS report approved. Draft Village Design Statement reviewed. Planning for Open Meeting in May.

May 20, 2015: OPEN MEETING. Presentation by Alison Clamp of Housing Needs Survey, Mike Wood-the Village Design Statement and Martin Angold- the What Next and how we proceed.

June 11, 2015: plan Newsletter, Parish Magazine copy, Church fete display, review meeting with Helen metcalfe

July 2, 2015: arrange distribution of newsletter and plan Church fete display

Aug 13, 2015: review of Church Fete display and the Version 6 of the Plan.  Arrange for proof reading and finalisation prior to Local Consultation.

Sept 10, 2015: plan local consultation stage for Oct 1st 2015 for a minimum 6 weeks.

Oct 15, 2015:

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