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Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group

Proposed Minutes for final group meeting

Date; Thursday September 29th, 2016.

Venue; Memorial Hall.

Present; Margaret Heath, Kevin Eaton, (Chairman), Mike Wood, Michael Say,

Kay Reid, Glen and Lesley Wall, Bob and Irene Wrigley, Robert Walker, Keith Walker.

1/ Apologies; Judy Harris, Martin Farrell, Richard Heath.

2/ Minutes;

July 7th Minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

3/ Matters arising.


4/ Mailer distribution retrospective.

Michael Say confirmed that Over Lane and Blackbrook had already been covered by Keith Walker and himself. The ‘circle’ from Firestone, clockwise, back up Hazelwood Hill, Goodwin’s Lane, then Hob Hill and Lumb Lane were ready to go via other designated Steering Group members. Chapel Farm will be personally delivered to by Keith Walker.

Other publicity complementing this distribution included the October Church mag, featuring the front page of the A5 mailer. An email to the supporters’ list featured the same.

5/ Thursday October 6th informal Open Evening.

It was agreed to rendezvous at 6.30pm for this.

Kevin Eaton will organise three easels, on loan from Lubrizol, via Lesley Wall.

Michael Say will bring the A1 ‘Timeline’ graphics, again.

Wine will be available, via Judy Harris.

Documentation, for reference, will be the Referendum version of the Plan – see later note.

6/ Thursday October 20th Referendum.

It was confirmed that the procedure for this was exactly the same as any other election/referendum, postal votes included. It was agreed that because advice to parishioners by AVBC was the statutory minimum, it gave further weight to the complementary material sent out by the group to raise awareness.

In view of the above, Michael Say will contact the electoral dept. to establish where and at what time the count will take place; and whether the group members can attend.

7/ Final Plan document.

Michael Say explained that the Referendum version of the Plan, currently at the libraries, Town Hall, Puss in Boots, had been prepared by Rachael Coates and included all the requirements of the inspector. She had referred him to a tracking version on the AVBV web site which allows the reader to see the original wording, deletions and additions all together. This made checking that all the requirements had been included much easier.

NB This version will be available at the Oct 6th Open Evening

Whilst it was agreed that this was ultimately the AVBC’s responsibility, Michael Say offered to further check the situation and for any other cosmetic mods. He had been in touch with Rachael Coates about this and the likelihood of meeting with her, post-referendum, to, ultimately, sign-off the finished version. Along the way, Mike Wood will be consulted re; the  appendix status treatment/appearance of the Village design statement.

Chairman said that the final document certainly needed to be carefully signed-off in view of its legal status, for both AVBC and the Parish Council. Keith Walker will therefore be kept closely in touch.

The meeting was advised that Martin Farrell was standing by to provide four copies of the finally agreed document.

8/ Post-referendum monitoring role.

Despite the fact that the section of the Plan dealing with this unequivocally places the Parish Council at the centre of this activity, Keith Walker was unsure as to whether this was the case. An enquiry to Rachael Coates at AVBC had not produced a clear answer. The meeting was certainly of the opinion that the Parish Council should be the lead body.

Further enquiries will be made, as follows;

Keith Walker to contact the Idridgehay group (Robert Tatler thought to be the Parish Council Chairman and a group member) to establish their understanding of the requirement and procedure.

Keith Walker to contact Rachael Coates again, if necessary.

Kevin Eaton to contact Helen Metcalfe who is believed to have written this section of the Plan, originally.

Discussion about the likely areas to be covered ensued. Clearly planning issues would be at the heart but Michael Say believed that all aspects the Plan would need to be under constant review i.e. were the objectives being achieved; were the policies being enacted; was the Vision being realised or threatened? Each year’s report would be a continuance of the overall narrative – coming to a conclusion at each five yearly stage.

9/ AOB

1/ The list of community facilities featured in Section 14 of the Plan, page 39, was mentioned by Michael Say as being much less than the list submitted. Whilst it was too late for this to be altered he presumed that the list had been reduced to those facilities which were relevant in planning terms.


2/ Keith Walker was asked whether the Council had a post-referendum plan of which the monitoring process would play a part. He said that there was no plan at the moment but it would be a future agenda item.


Margaret Heath believed that an important aspect was getting more parishioners to Council meetings. Michael Say agreed the point and felt that the post-referendum situation provided an excellent opportunity for the Parish Council to re-launch itself. Whilst this was for the Council to debate, one tool to encourage that situation was the email addresses list, currently used by the Steering Group.  It would help the Council to reach out to parishioners which, in his opinion, was the key to encouraging greater involvement. Whilst Glen Wall had mixed views on this tactic, the transference of the email list was generally agreed.

Post-October 20th, Michael Say will provide Keith Walker with a hard copy to show any required amendments i.e. new additions/deletions/gone away etc.

Chairman’s concluding comments.

Remarking that the whole Neighbourhood Plan process had taken three years, Chairman believed that the group should be very proud of the work undertaken and of a very impressive final document. It was a tribute to all concerned, including the professional services rendered, and he thanked everyone who had contributed. In particular, he highlighted;

Mike Wood for his planning knowledge, input and authorship of the Village design statement, crucial to the Plan’s rationale;

Michael Say for his secretarial and communications role;

Martin Farrell for providing support and copying services which had been invaluable throughout the whole period.

Finally, Chairman particularly wanted to pay tribute to past Parish Council Chairman, Martin Angold, for instigating the whole programme. His foresight and aspirations for the Parish had been crucial in creating the necessary momentum.  

Chairman closed this last meeting of the Steering Group and hoped that, post-Referendum, a celebratory gathering at the Blue Bell could be arranged.