Hazelwood Parish  Neighbourhood Plan
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Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group

Date; Thursday May 12, 2016.

Venue; Memorial Hall.

Present; Richard Heath, Kevin Eaton, (Chairman), Mike Wood, Michael Say, Bob and Irene Wrigley, Keith Walker.

Apologies; Kay Reid, Judy Harris, Glen and Lesley Wall.


The March 10th Minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising.

None except for the summary copy suggestion regarding outside lighting, to be included in the Village design statement. This had been done and appears on p 19, Section 16, as below;

16 Lighting – summary

In pursuance of the Parish Council’s ‘Dark Skies’ aspiration, the Village design statement provides guidance regarding exterior lighting for new domestic and business developments. It is also hoped to encourage residents and business premises owners to review existing lighting installations and consider whether these too can be brought into line with the recommendations.

AVBC Submission documents handover.

Keith Walker confirmed that the April 29th meeting with Rachael Coates had gone well. It was a major milestone and he congratulated the Steering Group on its work and professionalism over the last two + years. He believed that the whole Neighbourhood Plan concept was gaining in prominence. In pursuance of this, however, it was still the intention of the Parish Council to engage with senior level officers at AVBC to further raise awareness of Hazelwood’s emerging Plan.

It was important to note that, at the April 29th meeting, it was acknowledged that the Plan was already a ‘material consideration’ when considering Planning Applications.

Timing, discussed at the meeting, was reviewed;

AVBC publicity/consultation 6 weeks  Mon. May 9th – Sunday June 19th

Concurrent with this, Inspector to be determined, with the involvement of the Parish Council

Inspection process 1 week   Est period to July 1st

Fact checking 2 weeks    Est period to July 31st

Ratification by AVBC Cabinet   Earliest available agenda, possibly in August

Determining a referendum date will be the role of AVBC’s Election team. Contact with them, in due course might be useful, to push matters along.

AVBC Publicity/consultation.

Following the April 29th meeting, the 6 weeks consultation period had been confirmed as Monday May 9th – Sunday June 19th. Rachael Coates had confirmed press publicity (no details but appears to include the DET, as noted by Richard Heath family member but currently excludes the Belper News), printed copies available at Ripley Town Hall, Duffield library and the Puss in Boots pub.

Michael Say thought it was ironic that the Council’s desire to adhere strictly to the rules didn’t seem to equate to the same level of coverage that the Steering Group diligently achieved with the consultation last year. The awareness that a second consultation was even happening would be mainly down to the SG emailing the supporters’ list.

Rachael Coates mention of posters and flyers, as yet, was just that and needs to be chased. Keith Walker to do so.

The Chairman said that as this was supposed to be an AVBC effort and given the publicity the SG would be doing anyway (see below) this ought to be sufficient.

Note of thanks to Martin Farrell.

Immediately following the April 29th meeting, Martin Farrell had produced six copies of each of the five documents, for future use.  The meeting thanked Martin for, once again, assisting in this way.

Communications to the Parish.

Immediately, these will include;

Church mag. June issue.

Draft copy had been circulated. The approach was agreed and Michael Say will adjust copy to tie-in with the AVBC printed documents locations and also where they can respond to with any comments.

Email to supporters

Copy in draft had also been circulated. The extra space available would allow the mods as above plus making the point that the emerging Plan was already of material consideration when considering Planning Applications. This email will be sent out within days.

Village Fete Saturday July 16.

In view of the later date for the referendum, presence at the fete was agreed as important. Kevin Eaton will contact Mike Bowler to find out what is happening in terms of organisation.

Open evening.

Chairman raised this topic again as it would represent the last opportunity to meet residents personally to encourage voting in the referendum. It would be an informal ‘drop-in’ occasion with wine and cheese and suitable graphics. Chairman suggested featuring a time-line to show the progress of the Plan, culminating in the vision, objectives and policies.

Basically, this was agreed. Timing was more difficult because of not knowing the referendum date. Michael Say suggested that this would want to be no more than 2 -3 weeks ahead of the eventual date. Chairman suggested provisionally assuming a notional, early September date to allow preparatory work to be done.  This was agreed and will allow other tactics to be planned also.


Michael Say reminded the meeting that the budget was spent. Graphics would require an estimated £300, possibly more. Keith Walker said that the Parish Council might be able to assist.


At Keith Walker’s request and in his absence, Michael Say to email Mike Thwaites to put this budget item onto the next Council meeting agenda.

Given the proximity of the July 16 village fete, Michael Say made the point that it would double the value of such expenditure, if the graphics were used at both the Fete and the Open evening. It meant getting the work done fairly quickly, however.

In anticipation of this, Michael Say will look at first drafts. The eventual graphics need to be A2 or A1 as A3 would render type too small. Mike Wood said that the Consultation summary was a key item for display, in his opinion.

Addendum note to show actual and envisaged publicity between now and assumed September referendum date. It is based on needing to fill a void and keeping the referendum in mind.

May    June    July    August    September

Email to supporters         *           *              *          *              *

Church mag                         *           *              *          *               *

Village fete                                     *

Open evening                                                                                *

Door-to-door mailing to residents                                        *

(either before or after the Open evening)


Any other business.

Pre-referendum publicity.

Earlier, Michael Say had mentioned the frustration of trying to get to the wording in the ‘Rules’ on the AVBC web site. This still needs to be done.

Monitoring post- referendum progress.

Keith Walker raised this and although the Plan document covers the key elements, he agreed that the specifics of who, when and how needed to be taken up by the Council. It would be an area that might usefully involve members of the Steering Group, by invitation.

Planning applications procedure.

Michael Say asked how the Council would deal with an application that they were not minded to oppose but a number of residents were. Would the Council still facilitate an open meeting forum, for example?  There was also the timing issue and the fact that as soon as an application was posted on the AVBC web site, the clock was ticking.

Keith Walker advised that new postings would be noted immediately and whether by the Council or at the request of a resident, an open meeting could be organised within a few days.  

Next meeting.

The June 9th meeting will not now go ahead.

A meeting will be held on Thursday July 7th, 7.00pm, Memorial Hall as a pre-cursor to the fete the following Saturday week.