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Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group

Date; Thursday June 11th 2015

Venue; Memorial Hall, Hazelwood.

Present; Martin Angold, Judy Harris, Robert Walker, Keith Walker, Mike Wood, Bob & Irene Wrigley, Michael Say, Richard and Margaret Heath, Glen Wall, Lesley Wall, Kay Reid, Kevin Eaton (Chairman).

Apologies; None.


April 9th Minutes were agreed and signed by Chairman.

Matters arising.


May 20 Open Evening.

The meeting agreed the Chairman’s view that the evening had been a success. Keith Walker had counted 53 people present. Excluding ’staff’, this seemed like a small net increase. Keith also felt that the mood was one of an increasing understanding of what the Plan is about; that it was reflecting ‘the wish of Hazelwood people’. The audience were nodding in agreement and seemed less guarded.

Alison Clamp’s contribution was appreciated. Michael Say confirmed that he had sent a personal letter of thanks to her.

Margaret Monk of Croft Cottage, Over Lane, had requested a copy of the HNA document - since delivered.

Following through

Chairman then raised the question of how to keep interest raised whilst further work on the Plan was ensuing. Michael Say echoed this point and suggested a number of actions, including a newsletter, use of the July issue of the parish mag, space at the July 18 village Fete.

1/ Newsletter.

This would cover the recent Open evening and as per Chairman’s suggestion, use the nub of the two questions raised to make wider points. One asked whether it would be necessary, once the Plan was agreed, for any applicant to discuss details with the Parish Council, in advance of submission. . The point had been made at the meeting that it was not mandatory but was, surely, good sense.   The second questioner had suggested that if such a discussion seemed to meet the Plan’s criteria, this meant that AVBC would approve. The point had been made that AVBC were still the final decision makers and could refuse on other grounds.

Bob Wrigley wondered whether these points could be underpinned with some sort of indication as to the various stages of planning and where, in the future, the Neighbourhood Plan would figure.

The need to gain early comment, particularly, on the Objectives and Policies was discussed. It was agreed that the newsletter provided a good opportunity and should have these attached. These would need to be presented as the intended articles unless feedback suggested otherwise. That feedback via email and/or at the Neighbourhood Plan stand at the Fete would be welcomed.

Other possible content will be pix ex Lesley Wall, an outline time frame.

The meeting agreed that a full distribution to every household was important and volunteered accordingly. A delivery team’s roster will be drawn up.

(Martin Farrell to be asked for his help re: printing)

2/ Parish mag.

Copy to be produced by Michael Say asap.

3/ Village Fete

See later item


Parish mag.   July (effectively, first week)

Newsletter distribution w/c July 6th (Not too far in advance of the July 18. This     also gives two weeks for writing and compilation with     other material)


 Village Fete   Sat July 18th.

Report on meeting with Helen Metcalfe on May 14t.h.

Martin Angold advised that information requested by Helen had been prepared and supplied, following circulation of version V2 with the agenda, resulting in V3. This was about to be returned to her as V4 and on August 5th, she will return with V5.

Rather than keep circulating interim versions, it was agreed that V5 would be the point at which the group took stock. Michael Say felt that it was very important that the group took back ’ownership’ of the document, scrutinised it thoroughly and  satisfied itself, at that point, that the draft was saying what the group needed it to say, on behalf of Hazelwood residents. The preceding newsletter distribution and village fete interactions would, hopefully, inform the process.

Informal focus groups.

It was agreed that, once V5 was to hand, group members would take the opportunity to speak to neighbours and seek opinions on the objectives and policies, face-to-face.

NB See later note re: future meeting dates in relation to the above.

Any other business.

Village Fete, Sat July 18th

Martin Angold to enquire from Colin Kitchen where space is allocated. He felt that the group’s space needed to be more prominent than last year. A separate gazebo would be useful.

Possible content.

*Blow-ups of various maps as prepared by Martin Angold for the draft Plan

* Blow-ups ex Keith Walker of trees locations.

*Vision statement, Objectives and Policies.

* Prominent suggestion box - following through prompts in the preceding newsletter and from local discussions via neighbours

Funding of writing/compilation work.

Chairman raised the fact that there would be some requirement for extra work ‘above and beyond’ to enable the progression of the Plan drafts. In view of grant funds being available, he sought the group’s approval to allow Michael Say to carry out this work on a modest fee basis, as per the recently agreed arrangement with Mike Wood. This was agreed. A figure of up to £500 will be made available. Michael Say thanked colleagues, advising that this work had already started, in fact.

Tree orders (TPO’s)

Keith Walker advised that he and Glen had walked the Parish and compiled a photographic record of locations, types etc. He would be having a meeting, shortly, with the AVBC tree officer, Ross Pearson, to appraise him of the work and why it was being done. Ultimately, this whole subject will be a community based action area for the Parish Council, as part of it monitoring biodiversity etc.

Mike Wood suggested that the views and vistas information compiled by Martin Angold might usefully interact with the above.


Dates of future meetings.

Thursday July 2nd

This will be a normal meeting but will largely concentrate on the Village Fete preparations.

Thursday August 13th

This will be mainly devoted to gaining colleagues initial feedback from their reading of the V5 document; from the newsletter distribution and village fete. This will inform the Plan drafting and further discussions with Helen Metcalfe

Thursday September 10th

Continuation of feedback process and establishing group’s satisfaction with the draft document, overall.