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Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group

Date; Thursday February 12th 2015.

Venue; St. John’s Church, Hazelwood.

Present; Martin Angold, Robert Walker,  Mike Wood, Keith Walker, Kay Reid, Judy Harris, Margaret Heath, Richard Heath, Bob & Irene Wrigley, Glen Wall, Michael Say,  Kevin Eaton (Chairman).

Guests. Gareth and Toni Maw.

Apologies; David Railton, Barbara Angold.


The January 15th proceedings were approved and signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising.

Emails data base v. church mag. distribution list.

The meeting was reminded that the possibility of comparing the two lists and aiming to try and add to the emails data base (currently 68) had been discussed.

Action; Keith Walker confirmed that he will look at this.

Tree preservation orders.

Glen Wall and Keith Walker agreed to start the process with an audit/ location of trees within the parish. It was agreed that the time frame would be indeterminate at this stage but subject to updates.

Housing Needs Assessment

The meeting welcomed Alison Clamp from Midlands Rural Housing. As their document had been circulated earlier, it was incumbent on the group to pose the questions, nevertheless, Chairman asked Alison for an introduction.  As part of this, Alison advised that, overall, the research had confirmed the group’s earlier research. The key finding was an underlying need for smaller properties e.g. 2/3 bedroom houses and single story dwellings, for residents looking to downsize at some point but stay in the Parish. At the other end of the scale, there was some evidence of a need for starter homes for first time buyers and a small rental market  

This then moved on to a page-by- page raising of issues which Alison duly noted in order to produce a modified MKII version. The main areas for further consideration were;

1/ All Plan name references to include ‘Parish’.

2/ Percentages to be shown alongside the various charts’ numbers to marry-up with references within the text.

3/ Questions 10 and 11 were referred back to Alison so that further thought could be given to the conclusions. It was felt that the 75% and 71% ’No’ elements, respectively, of both questions, should not pass without comment.

4/ the presentation of Q12 was thought to hinder ease of reading. Suggestions included;

* changing the display to landscape.

* showing that the answers were multiple choice.

* separating the base line sets of answers with a bolder vertical rule.

5/ The conclusion to Q13 was referred back to Alison as it was felt that the conclusion was overstated, particularly regarding starter homes.

Q14. Again referred back to Alison regarding checking the numbers and considering the 57 non-responses and their possible implication, currently not commented upon.

Q15. Again, Alison was asked to relook at the fact that well over half the respondents did not answer the question and this factor was not remarked upon.

The conclusion was not discussed in view of the fact that the further deliberations requested may affect this slightly. Bob Wrigley made the point that both Section 5 - Housing Needs Analysis and Section 6 - Conclusion would inevitably come under close scrutiny as the finally stated position of the document. As such, they needed to be very carefully considered and agreed before being signed-off.

Modifications time-table

It was agreed that the MkII version of the document would be available to discuss and hopefully sign-off at the next Steering Group meeting on Thursday March 12th.

Questions then followed about Midlands Rural Housing’s wider role. The difficult business of providing housing specifically for local parishioners versus the open market was discussed. Alison made the point that land provision was clearly the start point - together with conducive owners who were prepared to make this available at below market prices. Following that, mechanisms were available to ensure that houses were sold to ’locals’ and subsequently remained within that purview.

Chairman thanked Alison for her considerable contribution to the meeting.

Progression of the Plan i.e. what next?  

Chairman reminded the meeting that much of the work regarding landscape character etc. was done.  An approach to measuring Visual Impact had been prepared. The Village Design Statement was yet to be written by Mike Wood. Moving the Plan along now centred on agreeing objectives and policies. Two differing approaches were ’on the table’ from Mike Wood and Helen Metcalfe.  It had been previously agreed that this ‘difference’ needed to be resolved, once the Housing Needs Assessment document was to hand. Martin Angold made the point that Alison Clamp’s final deliberations would not be affecting the outcome materially and there was nothing to stop matters moving ahead.

After discussion, it was agreed that Chairman, Mike Wood, Martin Angold and Michael Say will form a working party to, initially, review the two draft documents and then determine the point at which Helen Metcalfe is brought back into the situation. A meeting will be arranged w/c Feb 23rd.

Any other business.


Next meeting.

Thursday March 12th, Bowls Club pavilion, 7.00pm

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