Hazelwood Parish  Neighbourhood Plan
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Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group

Date; Thursday April 9th 2015.

Venue; Memorial Hall, Hazelwood.

Present; Martin Angold, Robert Walker, Keith Walker, Mike Wood, Bob & Irene Wrigley, Michael Say, Richard and Margaret Heath, Glen Wall, Kevin Eaton (Chairman).

Apologies; Kay Reid, Judy Harris, Barbara Angold, Lesley Wall.


The Minutes for the March 12th meeting were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising.

Email list of supporters.

Keith Walker advised that he was on with the comparison of data lists.

Housing Needs Assessment

Chairman believed that the document (Draft 6), prepared by Midlands Rural Housing, and distributed beforehand, contained all the detail points requested.  As such he asked for the document to be accepted and this was unanimously agreed.

Alison Clamp will be asked to provide 6 working hard copies.

It was also agreed that the Minutes should show the group’s appreciation of the speed and the quality of the exercise. These sentiments will be conveyed to the firm.

Helen Metcalfe update

The interchange of emails between her and Martin Angold had been provided to give background. At the moment;

1/ Helen will be reviewing all material over April 28/29 in order to provide her comments, both in writing and with the group very shortly afterwards, date to be agreed. The key response required is her opinion of the objectives and policies.

2/ Whether she is able to draft the document, either wholly, partially or at all, is not clear. It was agreed that this needed to be clarified asap.

Action; Martin Angold to establish.

Village Design Statement

Mike Wood had prepared a presentation which, because of its importance to the Plan, Chairman suggested should the principal subject of an early Extraordinary meeting. This was agreed and the date is Thursday April 16th, 7.00pm at the Memorial Hall. Michael Say to circulate the notice asap

As an introduction, Mike ran through the various subject headings to give the meeting a flavour of the VDS scope. This listing, spaced to provide room for notes, will be distributed at the start of the meeting as an aide memoire.

It was also agreed that April 16th date would provide an opportunity to set up a working party and responsibilities for the Open Evening.

Open Evening

At the moment, this is provisionally set for Thursday May14, substituting for the next Steering Group meeting. In considering the content, part of the 40minutes approx will be devoted to the main HNA findings. Margaret Heath believed, to further underpin the ‘independent’ credentials of the exercise, a 15/20 minutes slot should be taken by Midlands Rural Housing for them to present the key findings, against a visual backdrop of graphics from the actual report.  This was roundly agreed.


Alison Clamp to be approached by Michael Say. To help facilitate her diary (or a colleague’s) the date could be May 21. Beyond that will need to be discussed.

As regards the general approach, Michael Say will start to consider a theme that can link all the mediums available. These were briefly noted as;

 May Church mag (copy date April 19th) Full page to be requested by Martin  Angold

 Newsletter - using hopefully expanded email list courtesy Keith Walker

 Postal drop to every household. Martin Angold confirmed cost of postage was  ‘do-able’

 A4 posters, laminated.


Co-ordination of timing awaits Alison Clamp’s response to the invitation. This should be known by the time of the April 16th meeting.

Any other business

Age profile comparison

Bob Wrigley reported back on his findings when he was asked to compare the 2011 Census to 2001. Apart from a very minor population uplift of 6%, he advised that the figures showed almost no change across the various age groups.

Interested parties

Martin Angold wondered whether the Chatsworth Estate should be kept in the loop. Local knowledge around the table suggested that any land holding within the Parish is minimal and would not require such contact.

Tree Preservation

Keith Walker and the Walls had made a start on preparing a written and visual record of significant trees and their placement. Keith said the aim would be to present an arboreal picture as it pertained to and influenced the Parish’s natural characteristic. Mike Wood’s VDS document would also link to this.

It was agreed that moving this on to actual Tree Preservation Orders was less easy. Margaret Heath said that these were issued by the relevant County Council local officer and only if they agreed that a TPO was merited.

It was agree that the work should continue. Mike Wood recommended contact is made with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust for help and information. His concern was that specialist help in this area was not readily forthcoming from Amber Valley because of their small resource situation.

Next Meeting

April 16th, Memorial Hall, Extraordinary meeting, 7.00pm