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A Neighbourhood Plan is now being prepared for the Parish of Hazelwood by the Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood Plan Group.  This group is drawn from the parish and its members include the Parish Councillors and several other residents of the Parish.  Anyone interested in helping will be welcome.  The Neighbourhood Plan will be designed to complement the AVBC Local Plan but add the wishes of our parish so that we will have an influence on how the parish develops.

Hazelwood is your parish and now there is the opportunity to have your say in how it develops over the next 10 years.  Come and get involved so that together we can retain the character of our parish.

What do you want Hazelwood to be like in 10 years?



Further information about Neighbourhood Plans can be found on several websites, some of which are Government supported.

Map of Hazelwood Parish designated area

Amber Valley Borough Council have produced their Area Profile for the ALPORT Ward and this can be seen at click here

There is also a draft of the new AVBC Core Strategy (i.e. Local Plan) and this can be seen at click here 

Neighbourhood Planning - A Quick Guide by 'Locality'

How to shape where you live  by ' Campaign for the Protection of Rural England'


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Final Questionnaire

The results of this were presented at the Open Meeting on November 27th 2014 and can now be viewed HERE

The Presentation can be viewed

but because of the large file sizes it is in 2 parts

Part One       Part Two

On May 10 the Spring Newsletter was distributed with the Final Questionnaire. This can be viewed by clicking Below:

Newsletter Spring 2014

On February 20th 2014 we had an Open Evening to present the results from the First questionnaire and the next steps.    


The presentations can be viewed here

During November 2013 we asked all in the parish for their views on what they like and dislike about Hazelwood.  A Newsletter with a questionnaire was delivered to all properties.  This can be viewed by clicking below:

NEWSLETTER Winter 2013-14

2015 Newsletters




September - Local Consultation letter and Précis of the PLAN