Hazelwood Parish  Neighbourhood Plan
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Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group

Date; Wednesday July 2nd 2014

Venue; Memorial Hall, Hazelwood.

Present;  Martin Angold, Mike Wood, Margaret Heath, Stephen Heathcote, Robert Walker,  David Railton, Judy Harris, Michael Say, Kevin Eaton (Chairman).

Apologies; Martin Farrell, Hugh Walford.


May 6th Minutes were approved and signed by Chairman.

Matters arising.


Notes for May 28th working group meeting (KE/MA/MS)

Item 1/ Re; the draft report précis, it was confirmed that the outstanding queries raised by Mike Wood had been agreed, mainly by simplifying the wording.

NB The document in its final form is on Michael Say’s computer, available as and when.

Item 2/ Final Questionnaire. The current response number was 68 i.e. 48%

Item 3/ The Playground Q6 response extract, made available to Glen Wall for the Playing Fields Trustees, had been discussed by them. A formal response back to the Steering Group is awaited. Michael Say advised that subsequent responses had provided quite a lot more information.

Item 4/ Final Questionnaire analysis.

Numbers had already been established by Martin Angold with his Excel facility. He and Michael Say will collaborate to get all the information together to enable a separate group to determine conclusions.

In the interim, the initial numbers will be circulated to give members an idea of the responses.

Action; MA

Item 5 Vision Statement

The development of this was recounted by Michael Say. The MKII draft had been circulated for comment. It was agreed that this should be noted as a draft, still. The second sentence will now read ‘The special landscape and the nature of the built environment…’.

Item 7 Bus company contact

This remains to be done. Michael Say reported that the information from the final questionnaire showed a 74% majority in favour of a connecting bus service to Duffield/A6 services. This was an important statistic as regards the sustainability factor, as related to planning issues.

Village Fete Saturday July 19th.


Costs and designs for A3 headings extracts from the Final Questionnaire plus a PVC banner were submitted, total £185.

It was agreed that Martin Farrell would be asked if he could provide the A3 copies and a further small supply of the questionnaires*.

Judy Harris will ask a contact if they could provide the PVC banner, possibly at minimal cost.

The final cost could be rather less, which was important given that material for the fete had not been part of the original budget.

Action; MS/JH

Vision Statement;

Two A3 renditions of this will be provided.

Action; MS

Existing maps;

These will be re-used. A key element will be to use stickers to show where Hazelwood visitors to the display live in the Parish.

Action; MA

*Final Questionnaire;

This could be an ideal opportunity to help gain a last few completions and get over the 50% response mark.


Chairman will be circulating, separately, a request for group members to assist. He will also be preparing simple guidance notes to ensure that the maximum information is gleaned from the afternoon.

Post-Helen Metcalfe

It was agreed that the meeting with her had been extremely useful. Her subsequent slides, the ‘Keeping it simple’ document and the notes of the meeting, prepared by Michael Say, were also briefly referred to.

Discussion then moved to ‘What next?’ Initially, it was felt that draft objectives would be useful. Mike Wood felt that, logically, the final Questionnaire findings ought to be established to better enable objectives to be set. Certainly, the emphasis of the group ought to be on the central planning issues which would form the core of the Neighbourhood Plan proposal. Mike Wood’s paper ‘HAZELWOOD NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN - Future Development Considerations’, circulated to the group, was regarded by him as a possible stratagem. He added that the impact assessment of any development would be at the heart of the Plan’s ability to protect the rural nature of the Parish.

Clearly, the AVBC’ current state of disarray was not helping. Michael Say referred to the planning inspector, Roy Foster; his letter to AVBC dated May12th, outlining how their ability to deliver 5,000 houses over the next five years, was actually nearer 3,000. The letter suggests that the Council has identified sufficient land - but deliverability falls well short.

 The outcome of the Council’s work to overcome this problem could mean a relaxing of the restrictions which have been beneficial (some may say, restrictive) to Hazelwood, hitherto. A key issue will be whether AVBC reduces the minimum criteria for sites and draws Hazelwood - and other Parishes - into its requirement. Given their seeming adherence to Green Belt policy, the threat is difficult to gauge at the moment.  It was agreed that staying close to the Council’s Core Strategy deliberations was very important.

In the meantime, as agreed, the Final Questionnaire analysis and conclusions will be established ASAP.

Other issues

Information from businesses.

In discussion, Martin Angold said that he had met Hingley’s and Lubrizol who had both asked to be kept informed. There was nothing to suggest that they had future issues regarding land usage which would impact on the Parish. Farming businesses were less easily defined. Margaret Heath said that the overtures, nationally, to farmers to identify possible development sites were considerable at the moment.

Housing needs assessment.

Stephen Heathcote wondered whether it might be a good idea to contact AVBC on this. When was this last done for Hazelwood? What questions were used etc.

Action; MS.

Any other business.

Martin Angold introduced the fact that Margaret Heath - with Stephen Heathcote- was considering a small development on land which she owns, just off the triangle at the foot of Hazelwood Hill. Margaret had wished to make the group aware of this, as a courtesy. Stephen added that his attendance/involvement and understanding of the Plan’s emerging criteria would be useful in his formulating ideas for the development.  

Chairman thanked Margaret for making the group aware of her intentions; it was very much appreciated.  Aside from that, he said that the group was not in a position to comment further as progress would be through the usual planning channels of AVBC. Mike Wood simply made the point that impact assessment would be a key issue,  given the positioning of the site.

2001 - 2011 comparisons of Hazelwood houses/ residents were provided by Martin Angold.

Next meeting

Thursday July 17th, Memorial Hall at 7.00pm.

This was chosen, primarily, because of the fete two days later and the ability to finally brief on this.