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Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group

Date; Thursday August 7th 2014

Venue; Memorial Hall, Hazelwood.

Present; Martin Angold, Mike Wood, Robert Walker, Keith Walker, Irene & Bob Wrigley, Kay Reid, Michael Say, Kevin Eaton (Chairman).

Apologies; Martin Farrell, David Railton, Glen & Lesley Wall, Judy Harris.


July 17th Minutes were agreed as correct and were signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising.

The only action point was the signifying of interest with AVBC in the event of any housing needs assessment activity. Michael Say had registered this with Housing Manager, David Arkle, who had acknowledged receipt.

Village Fete review

The general feeling was that the presence had been well worthwhile. Parishioners and visitors, alike, had engaged in discussion. Positively, 10 more Final Questionnaires had been completed by parishioners, bringing the final total to 79  - a 54% response rate.

Positioning had been a little cramped. The suggestion that this could be improved next time was thought, hopefully, to be irrelevant. It was suggested, however, that the Parish Council could usefully be present in future years.

Final Questionnaire - conclusions.

A paper had been prepared by Irene and Bob Wrigley and circulated previously. The broad thrust of the conclusions was agreed with. The main housing issues were clear and underscore the known dilemma. A number of the more peripheral issues were fairly straightforward as conclusions but not necessarily so as regards implementation e.g. Landscape. Other issues such as Buses and the Memorial Hall would be largely Parish Council concerns but with possible areas of overlap where land usage was involved. Sustainability was a crucial factor, however, which linked a number of issues.

Views were summarised as follows;


There is a clear picture of older residents wishing to stay and not downsizing until they have to; then wanting smaller but still high quality homes. These are not widely available in the Parish

Young people leave - and will do so  -  for all the obvious education/job related reasons. Some will want to return; buying will be difficult.

How future, controlled new building addresses the balance between the two age groups’ requirements remains the challenge.

Memorial Hall activities, Roads/traffic, Playground, Landscape, Broadband

Chairman believed that, whilst very useful, the majority of the information gleaned from these questions was not germane to the Neighbourhood Plan. It would be information made readily available to pass on to the Parish Council for the benefit of community relations/services.

Young people

This section had produced, perhaps, the least fruitful information. A mix of answers relate to other questions asked but reach no clear conclusion.

Housing,  Buses, Memorial Hall as a centre for services.

On the question of sustainability and its importance in planning terms, Michael Say put forward the view that there was an overarching link between the above questions and information gained. This echoed the comments in Irene and Bob’s paper i.e.. housing for older residents; the potentially enthusiastic uptake of  a bus link to the A6 and Duffield; the provision of services in an enlarged hall as opposed to just activities.

Chairman thanked Bob and Irene for their work and providing a valuable contribution  

to the overall discussion.


The group was reminded that, at the moment, the Final Questionnaire ‘file’ is in three, somewhat, unwieldy parts - the Excel analysis of stats; the appendices of written reasons; the conclusions paper. Actions agreed are;

1/ Final adjustments to the Excel figures to be agreed between Michael Say and Martin Angold.

2/ Michael Say to add the written answers from the 10 new questionnaires to the relevant appendices.

3/ Michael Say will draw from Bob and Irene’s paper précis versions of the key findings. This will be important so that short, succinct versions are available, particularly for a likely public meeting later in the year.

4/ These précis conclusions will ideally be added to the Excel information to make a composite document.

Possible Neighbourhood Plan objectives and policies

Mike Wood presented his thoughts which, at this stage were subject to AVBC’s current scrutiny by a Government inspection, not likely to be concluded until next Summer.

The context of the suggestions is as set out by National Planning Practice Guidance. The key is sustainability - as defined by the three  economic, social and environmental criteria. The guidance also specifically refers to rural housing with its emphasis on promoting local character, including landscape setting.

Mike’s paper then went on to set five objectives covering landscape, housing growth, housing in existing building conversions, business development, community. Each was supported by the relevant local authority policies and specific Hazelwood Neighbourhood Plan policies.

A key issue was enhancing the relationship between the different parts of the Parish, currently somewhat fragmented. Establishing a better age groups balance through sensitive and appropriate development was another. Low cost  and  rental potential were tied to this.

One task that would need to be carried out -  and could be by the group -  was a Visual Impact Assessment.

After discussion, Chairman suggested that as there was a lot to consider, an early meeting needed to be convened  (see below) with Mike’s paper as the single topic. In the meantime, his PDF document will be sent to Michael Say for forwarding on to the group so that everyone can attend, well prepared.  Chairman added that, as ever, planning was a sensitive issue. As such, he stressed the need for confidentiality to avoid rumour and misinformation.

Any other business

Church Magazine

Michael Say to provide Robert Walker with ‘a paragraph’ on the group’s presence at the fete.

Shottle development

Michael Say reported that in the AVBC list of ‘potential, additional strategic sites’, there is a reference to 90 houses being identified around the cross roads, next to the old chapel. Although stated as not being considered for the emerging Local Plan, he was amazed that such a proposal, even outline, could possibly gain a foothold in the AVBC provision, as it seems to break every sustainability rule in the book!  Mike Wood said that this was likely someone ‘flying a kite’ but AVBC were obliged to include it, no matter how unlikely the outcome.

Next public gathering

Chairman was keen to identify an Autumn date but agreed it was crucial for the Plan to be at a stage where meaningful progress can be shown. Certainly, this needs to show Vision, Objectives and Policies, albeit in draft, to enable feedback to be obtained.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday August 19th @ 7.00pm, Memorial Hall