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                        Hazelwood Parish Council

Minutes of EPCM Thursday 13th October 2016 – Hazelwood Memorial Hall

1.Apologies for Absence: – Cllr M Thwaites ( present JH,KW,RH,GW Mrs M Heath )

2.Variation of Order of business:  None

3. Declaration of members interests: None

4.Public Speaking:   None

5. Minutes of PCM 22/09  Approved & signed by KW

6. Public Exclusion:   N/A

7.Planning:   App AVA/2016/1019  The Mount Hazelwood Hill :

 Cllr Heath noted the Application did not specify that the proposed drive was an access onto the public highway, and that the neighbours were not originally properly notified (now corrected.) It might not be clear that this was a new access involving removal of a tree & hedge.

 Cllr Wall had a concern regarding the future use of the existing driveway to the field behind the property and potential development there.

 Cllr Harris had no issue with the Application, but thought materials should be sympathetic to those existing in the area.

 Cllr Walker had no issue with the Application but felt a comment to the Case Officer regarding the notification failure would be appropriate.

Whilst the Council would support the Application (3 to 1 with Cllr Heath objecting) it was agreed to wait until neighbour’s comments were to hand before formally responding (assumes the clock will start again following the neighbours’ notification.

Planning App AVA/2016/0969 – Old Post Office: PC would unanimously support, Cllr Heath felt it a pity that a low cost property would be removed from Village stock, and there was a general concern about potential on street parking and the effect on road safety. We should comment on this.

Planning App AVA/2016/0978 – Overlane Farm: Cllrs Heath & Wall commented that the “Agricultural Access“ was not currently agricultural.  The PC as a whole was concerned about road safety given the apparent visibility issues with the new access location. The “Maize maze” application had been opposed for similar concerns, and in the interests of consistency PC would unanimously oppose this Application.

Planning Application AVA/2016/0987 – Mount Farm Barn :

The history of this Application site is complex owing to the impact of Judicial Reviews and the involvement of the National Inspectorate. Cllrs noted their difficulty in understanding the issues. Cllr Heath felt that the PC should be consistent in it’s response with the previous Applications , and whilst there was an ongoing concern regarding change of garden use in the Parish generally , there was no reason not to support this Application. Unanimously approve.

Meeting closed at 20.35.