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                        Hazelwood Parish Council

Minutes of a meeting of Hazelwood Parish Council held in the Memorial Hall, Hazelwood on 24th March 2016 commencing at 7.30p.m.


Present: Chairman:  Councillor K Walker

Councillors: Councillors J Harris, R Heath, G Wall and M Thwaites

Member of the public: S Cook, E Cook, L Bell, T Bell, J Litchfield, l Wall, M Say, K Eaton, M Heath, N Doleman, I Buchan, w Higgin, A Higgin, L Higgin, P Higgin, M Wheeler, G Maw, I Wigley, R Wigley, P Mycock, E Mycock, D Taylor (AVBC). Apologies and written comments were sent by Linda Bowley and Mike Bowler.

87/15/16  Variation of Order of Business

No variation to Order of Business was deemed necessary.

88/15/16  Declaration of Members Interests

Cllr. Heath declared an interest in planning applications ref AVA/2016/021 and AVA/2016/0204. He chose not to comment on these applications and left the meeting when they were discussed.

89/15/16  Public Speaking

 Steve Cook expressed concern re the Lubrizol application being outside the current site. He believed that the process lacked consultation (only 4 neighbours) and the application was only when a complaint was made to AVBC. In comparison The Maize Maze was consulted to 21 neighbours. 45 objections to the Lubrizol application have been registered on the website so far. Concerns re content: Radically changes rural landscape, development will be an eyesore, development will be overbearing on hillside farm bungalow, additional traffic noise and extractors etc. Dark skies will be affected by conference centre, path and car park. Additional traffic and safety of cars turning out of the new car park. A petition to object has been raised and will be available for all to sign.

 Peter Mycock explained how Lubrizol had tried to relocate them to the field opposite and had clearly had talks with AVBC prior to their discussion but have now dropped this proposal. Concerns raised regarding the floating roof with lights affecting their property and also the noise from the facility exacerbated by a terraced area and the path affecting their garden being used with golf buggies. No provision for coaches at present. Lack of screening to the facility and concerns as to where the access will be to the existing farm.

David Taylor (County Councillor). The lack of notice will extend the deadline to 21 days from the point the notice was placed. He recommended people object on an individual basis. He advised that the more objections the better chance it would have of being put before the planning board. David could call it in to the Planning Board but would prefer that the Planning Officers deal with it.

Kevin Eaton reported that the visual impact is a very important factor in the emerging Neighbourhood Plan and that this application would not meet the plan.

Lesley Wall reiterated her concerns regarding the land known as Well Holes on Over Lane.

90/15/16 Minutes of the last Meeting

 The minutes of the council meeting held on the 12th February 2016, copies of which had been passed to the councillors prior to this meeting, were taken as read, approved and signed by the Chairman for accuracy only.

91/15/16  Items for Exclusion

 Nothing was deemed necessary for exclusion.

92/15/16          Chairman’s Announcements

Thanks to the Parishioners who led and attended the village litter pick.

Online access has now been achieved for the bank accounts and he will cancel the existing credit cards and apply for one replacement.

He asked that Dark Skies be added to the agenda for the next council meeting.

He reported that urgent repairs had been carried out to the Memorial Hall boiler so the heating is now working.

93/15/16  Derbyshire Association of Local Councillors

All circulars received since the last meeting have been circulated to councillors

94/15/16 Finance

 The following payments have been made since the January council meeting


Staff salaries  £306.56

Planning with people £1500.00

AVBC election  £1163.62

DALC subs  £96.13

KW Exes printing  £231.42

Memorial Hall

Staff salaries  £270.00

Severn Trent Water  £185.09

Sewer blockage  £174.00

Fire extinguisher service £128.04

Window cleaning  £20.00

Balances currently held are as follows

Parish Council  £2216.22

Memorial Hall   £7351.05

95/15/16 Planning application comments

It was resolved that the acting Parish Clerk should make comments to AVBC as follows:

AVA/2016/0211 Hazelwood Hall Farm

To support the application on the basis that the rural nature of the landscape will not be impacted by the development and that the development will further improve the viability of a local farming business

AVA/2016/0204 Hazelwood Hall Farm

As above

AVA/2016/0217 Hillside Farm Nether Lane (Lubrizol)

To object strongly to the application on the basis that the rural nature of the landscape will be significantly impacted by the size and scope of the proposal and that the additional traffic generated will be an issue for the lanes in the village. The council does not believe this development is in line with the emerging Neighbourhood Plan or the National Planning Framework. In addition the Parish Council recommends that AVBC request an independent impact study be commissioned to be paid for by the applicant, with respect to this application.

To request that the authors of the Neighbourhood Plan determine if additional points should be made in which case we will call an extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council to allow these views to be input by the Parish Council.

Note: Post submission Lubrizol management offered a meeting with themselves, their architects and the Parish Council to discuss their application. It was agreed that they should be invited to the Memorial Hall to meet with councillors and parisioners.

AVA/2016/0223 The Old Farm 10 Ashbourne Road

To support the application

AVA/2016/0196 Land East Of Over Lane

To object to the application on the basis that the access and the additional traffic generated will cause problems on Over Lane even if the maze is signposted from the Ashbourne road.

Note: Cllr. Heath did not agree with this position

AVA/2016/0091 Kalamunda Hob Hill

To object to the application and request that AVBC take enforcement action on the current planning violation whereby the owners appear to have incorporated a field into their domestic curtilage without the necessary planning consents.

Note: it is believed that this planning application may already have been decided

AVA/2016/0028 Rose Cottage Firestone

To object to the application on the basis that the garage is too large and too far from the house such that it will look out of place in the landscape particularly with the additional impact of removing the hedge.

96/15/16 The Neighbourhood Plan and the misuse of e-mail addresses

It was reported by the Chairman that the finished Neighbourhood Plan will be input to AVBC on or shortly after April 5th which might require an extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council. If acceptable a referendum will then be held with a result hopefully by June.

It was resolved that the Clerk send an apology on behalf of the Neighbourhood Planning Committee to all residents who had provided e-mail addresses (using bcc) explaining that the list of addresses should not have been visible to all and requesting that residents delete this list and do not use it to ‘spam’ the Parish.

97/15/16 Hazelwood Parish Council Standing Orders

It was reported by Mike Thwaites that he had recently discovered that he had based the new Standing Orders on an out of date model. He will rewrite based on the correct model and aim to have them ready for the May meeting.

98/15/16 Concerns with respect to The Well Holes on Over Lane

It was reported in the public speaking by Lesley Wall that there are still issues on the land and it was resolved that the Chairman approach AVBC again to determine what was actually looked at by the previous enforcement officer.

99/15/16 Trustees for the Memorial Hall Charity

It was resolved to instruct the acting Parish Clerk to inform the Charity Commission of the new Trustees for the Memorial Hall charity. Such new Trustees to be the current members of the Hazelwood Parish Council

100/15/16 Exemption from carrying out an external financial audit

It was resolved that given the relatively low income of the Parish Council it was not cost effective to carry out external financial audits and that the acting Clerk should inform that the Parish Council wishes to be exempted from carrying out an external financial audit. An internal audit will still be required using Robin Beck.

101/15/16 Memorial Hall Insurance

It was resolved to authorise the acting Parish Clerk to insure the Hall and Council for the year from May 2016 provided at least two other councilors agree with the choice of insurance company and coverage and price.

102/15/16 Parish Clerk and Lettings Officer

It was agreed that the ideal solution would be to find a local resident willing to take on the role of Clerk to the council and Lettings Officer for the Memorial Hall. It was resolved to place an advertisements on the Parish Council website, noticeboard, a mailshot and on the DALC website. Judy Harris was asked to determine the lettings income and hence the likely overall remuneration for the post.

103/15/16 Commenting on Planning Applications

It was resolved that the Parish Council will comment on all future planning applications in the parish. If needed between regular council meetings to ensure we are able to respond to AVBC in the required timeframe the Parish Clerk shall automatically call a meeting to allow this to happen ensuring the notice is posted in the timescale required by statute.

104/15/16 Memorial Hall lettings, maintenance and improvements

The Parish Clerk was requested to provide a list of maintenance and improvements required which was written post the meeting and is attached in appendix 1 hereto. All councillors were requested to comment and determine the priority for discussion at the next meeting.

105/15/16 New computer for the Parish Clerk

It was resolved that Keith Walker arrange for a new computer with suitable Microsoft Office software to be purchased up to a maximum budget of £500 and that an application be made for a grant to cover as much of this cost as possible

106/15/16 Date and Time of the next meeting

The next regular meeting will be held in the Memorial Hall, Hazelwood, at 7.00pm on 26th  May 2016

The meeting was closed at 21.50 hrs.

Signed______________________________ Chairman ___________________Date

Appendix 1 Potential Memorial Hall maintenance/improvements



Replace approximately 12 missing tiles

Replace and re-cement 3 ridge tiles on South-East low level gable end where spalled

Re-cement stones on North main roof gable end


Replace approximately 12 metres of fascia board on toilet extension with white UPVC

Repair gutter to left of front door

Clean existing gutters and downpipes

Replace existing gutters and fascias behind with white UPVC

Doors - either

Replace front double doors and frame with fire escape UPVC doors to match kitchen door or

Replace front double doors and frame with fire escape Hardwood doors finished to match kitchen door

Window sills

Replace (repair?) failing stone lintels on window to left of car park entrance door and to two windows to entrance hall

Lamp post

Clean off rust and paint

Contemplate re-installing light on lamp post

Old Noticeboard

Re-locate to opposite side of car park

Clean off rust and paint


Flooring in entrance hall either

Replace with vinyl or

Remove and refinish floor below or

Install new wood floor

Mould on ceiling in main hall

Investigate potential lack of ventilation in hall

Investigate amount of insulation above ceiling in main hall

Once understood clean-off mould and re-paint

Walls in stage area either

Plaster up to dado rail height and paint or

Install wood panelling up to dado rail height

Flooring in stage area

Fit wood flooring to stage area

Electrical system

Survey current electrical and fire alarm systems

Provide additional sockets around the main hall

Heating system

Box in controls for central heating so that they can only be adjusted by certain people