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                        Hazelwood Parish Council

Minutes of EPCM held in the Memorial Hall

December 19th 2016 at 18:00hrs

1. Apologies: Glen Wall , Mike Thwaites

2.no Variation of Order of Business

3.No Declaration of Interest

4. Public Speaking – Richard Heath wished to update PC on the progress of his upcoming Application for a single dwelling on lane south of “ Southlea “ 0n Hazelwood Hill. The present focus was on pursuing a design which would mitigate Visual Impact in the area , access would be from the triangle area and the Heath’s intention was to keep the PC updated on the progress until such time as an full Application was developed. PC acknowledged the update.

5. Minutes of last 3 meetings unanimously approved

6. None

7. Chairman reported that Mr M Sutton had expressed a wish to meet PC to review modifications to his Application for 20 new properties on Over Lane – AVA/2016/1126.  Messages of acknowledgement had been left – Cllr RH undertook to deliver the acknowledgement direct to Mr Sutton

11. Planning : 1166  Rose Cottage  -  unanimous support.

   1205  Over Lane – majority refuse – KW to comment.

   1061 Prim Cott – unanimous support

   The withdrawal of 0978 – Mount Farm Barn will be studied

   to ensure PC fully understands the effect on status.

Meeting closed at 18.45. Note January meeting will be in Memorial Hall.