Minutes of an extra-ordinary meeting of Hazelwood Parish Council held in the Memorial Hall, Hazelwood on 11th August 2015 commencing at 7.00p.m.

Present: Chairman:  Councillor K Walker

Councillors: Councillors M Angold, G Wall


 Apologies given

  Mrs S Smith, Clerk

Declaration of Members Interests

  There was no declaration of members interest necessary from those present.

Public Speaking

There was no public speaking

Planning Application AVA/2014/0965

The planning application had been refused by AVBC but an appeal had been submitted to the Government Inspectorate.  APP/M1005/W/15/3097696.  The meeting was called by the chairman to allow the Parish Council to form a response.  Two members of the council had an interest on the Appeal and had therefore not attended the meeting as it was the only item on the agenda.

It was agreed that the Council’s response to the Application was still valid but that with the development of the Neighbourhood Plan since that time further comments could be made.  The Village Design Statement had been completed and is a core part of the process for assessing applications.  This is available on the council website.

The Housing Needs Survey had been completed and is also available on the website.  This report showed that the need or demand for social housing is very small whereas there is a greater requirement for good quality homes with less than 4 bedrooms.

The location and scale of the proposal are at the heart of the objections that people have made and the Parish Council has the responsibility of voicing the opinions of the neighbourhood.  This site has one of the best views in the district and the proposal would seriously damage the visual amenity of the area. It was agreed that the chairman would submit an objection on behalf of the council.

Date and time of next meeting

               The next meeting will be held on 24th September 2015 at 7:30pm

The meeting closed at 8.00pm


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