Minutes of a meeting of Hazelwood Parish Council

held in the Memorial Hall, Hazelwood

on 27th March 2014 commencing at 7.30p.m.

Present: Chairman:  Councillor M Angold

Councillors: Councillors J Harris, L Brown and H Walford

Also present: Clerk:   Mrs S E Smith

Members of the Public: Cllr David Taylor (AVBC)


Apologies given:    Apologies were given from Cllr K Walker

70/13/14 Variation of Order of Business

  It was deemed unnecessary to alter the Order of Business

71/13/14 Declaration of Members Interests

 There was nothing to declare

72/13/14 Public Speaking

Councillor Taylor attended the first part of the meeting. He informed Council that again there had been no increase to the Council Tax from Amber Valley again this year.

It was expected that the Core Strategy to be due for inspection very shortly.

Planning for 66 Ashbourne Road,Shottlegate was given permission for the planning application.

The A517 was not to be widened due to lack of funds but highways had agreed to erect signs to warn that the road would narrow.


73/13/14 Minutes of the last Meeting

Minutes of the council meeting held on the 23rd January 2014, copies of which had been passed to the Councillors prior to this meeting, were taken as read, approved and signed by the Chairman for accuracy only.

74/13/14 Items for Exclusion

  Nothing was deemed necessary for exclusion.

75/13/14 Chairman’s Announcements

The Chairman would like an event to take place in conjunction with the PCCC if possible to celebrate the centenary of WW1 around the beginning of August, it was hopeful that a sub committee be put together to this effect. Councillor Angold is to go ahead with the grant application for this event. Research for history on the village, Memorial Hall and those that died will hopefully be collated.

Clerk to find information regarding speakers specialising on this subject.

On May 1st there is a liaison meeting to be held at Derbyshire County Council in Matlock for any Councillors to attend.

The Chairman requested that a new list of Councillors details be placed in the notice board – Clerk to see to.

76/13/14    Derbyshire Association of Local Councils

All circulars having been previously circulated were received

77/13/14 Financial Matters

(d) Authorisation of payments by direct debit to be taken from the Parish Council to cover any tax

due was agreed at the meeting.

78/13/14 Memorial Hall and Lettings


The Clerk had obtained quotes from two local decorators to paint the hall internally and it was

proposed and agreed that the contract would be given to Affordable Painting. This would commence

during the last week of July.

79/13/14 Planning and Licensing Matters

AVA/2013/1113 Demolish existing building, retaining single party wall for neighbouring property. Build outer wall for neighbouring property. Build new detached two storey, four bedroom house with detached garage-applicant Mr C Morley, Stone Cottage, 66 Ashbourne Road, Shottlegate

The Amber Valley enforcement officer had made contact regarding the area known as “Ruffs” and had advised that retrospective planning permission would be necessary for work that had taken place so far and any further developments.  

80/13/14 Neighbourhood Planning

A meeting was held on 17th January 2014 to smooth out some of the issues. An open meeting was held on 20th February 2014 to go through the progress made so far. A notice will be placed in the Parish magazine encouraging people to attend and leaflets distributed to this effect. Results of the questionnaire was given.

It appears that a major point is to keep the quiet rural area with limited development as it is.

Initial working groups had submitted draft reports, work was still in progress. The next two meetings are to be held 3rd April and 6th May.

A list of activities and events is being compiled and how to use the hall in the future within the community. Suggestions from the questionnaires to use the hall more and build up the community within Hazelwood and Shottle.

Idridgehay have already submitted their plan to the local authority

82/13/14 Date and Time of the next meeting

The next meeting will be held in the Memorial Hall, Hazelwood, at 7.30pm on 22nd March 2014

The meeting was closed at 8.45pm

Signed______________________________ Chairman ___________________Date

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