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                        Hazelwood Parish Council

Minutes of a meeting of Hazelwood Parish Council held in the Memorial Hall, Hazelwood on 21st March 2013 commencing at 7.30p.m.

Present: Chairman: Councillor M Angold        Councillors: Councillors L Brown, K Walker and J Harris

Also present: Clerk: Mrs S E Smith

Members of the Public: Mr GlenWall, Mrs Lesley Wall and Mr Richard Heath

Apologies given: Apologies were given from Councillor Hugh Walford

64/12/13 Variation of Order of Business

Public participation would be split as Councillor David Taylor had a previous meeting to attend, was expected to arrive later.65/12/13 Declaration of Members Interests

There were members interests in the appeal at Primrose Cottage, therefore this item was withdrawn from the agenda as there were insufficient other members.

66/12/13 Public Participation (a)

Glen and Lesley Wall, along with Richard Heath attended the meeting. Glen and Lesley thanked members of the Council that had contributed their time on 16th March with the Big Tidy Up held in the village. Many bags of rubbish were collected. The Council thanked them for their efforts. Glen suggested that the bus shelter was in need of cleaning and general repairs, Councillors agreed to help. It was also suggested that twice a year a village tidy up would take place to keep the village up to its current appearance.

67/12/13 Items for Exclusion

No items were deemed necessary to be excluded.

68/12/13 Minutes of the last Meeting

Confirmation of the minutes of the council meeting held on the 24th January 2013, copies had been passed to the councillors prior to the meeting; they were taken as read, approved and signed by the Chairman for accuracy only. Items from the minutes –It had been previously suggested that a welcome leaflet for new residents in the village be brought back, Councillor Harris offered her service to this matter.Teaspoons and mugs have now been purchased for the hall.

69/12/13 Adoption of the Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct had previously been issued by the Standards Board. This has now been produced by local authorities; DALC, NALC and Amber Valley Borough Council have set their own. It was proposed that Hazelwood Parish Council accept the Code of Conduct issued by NALC and agreed by all present. The Cleek would contact DALC regarding new register forms that are required by the Code of Conduct.

70/12/13 Chairman’s AnnouncementsAfter the last meeting, Councillors Angold and Walker measured the A517 at Shottlegate and suggested that Hazelwood Parish Council contacted the Highways department regarding the narrowing section where lorries are mounting the pavement.

Big Lotteries have given the Parish £1500, this will be given to Hazelwood Playing Fields towards the cost of replacing the old fence between the car park and the playing field.

71/12/13 Derbyshire Association of Local Councils

All circulars having been previously circulated were received.

72/12/13 Financial Matters

Present Balances:

Business Reserve £0.02

Memorial Hall £2999.14

Parish Council £1602.11

(b) Payments made since the last meeting:

No payments had been made

(c) Payments of the following accounts were approved and signed.

It was agreed that Mr Robin Beck would again act as Internal Auditor prior to main audit.

73/12/13 Memorial Hall

Thanks were given to Glen Wall and Richard Heath for their help in concreting the floor after the removal of the stage. Temporary plastering had been done to tidy up and Mrs Barbara Angold had replaced the curtaining. It was suggested that a plasterer be brought in to cover the exposed brick work and quotes be obtained for reflooring the stage area.

The booking form that is currently used is worded such that a Public Entertainment Licence is in place but these were discontinued several years ago. Hirers should obtain their own temporary event licence if necessary– therefore the booking form will have to be re-worded.Councillor Angold suggested that a new radio controlled clock for the hall could be beneficial as it is difficult to adjust the current old clock.This was agreed by all.

The Clerk will contact EON and British Gas to check that the Hall is on the correct business tariff.

It was suggested an inventory for the hall be produced.

The Clerk to clear filing cabinet at home so that all paperwork, excluding the current year, be held in the hall.

The Clerk to contact Pat Hardwick regarding the election in May for it to take place in the Ante meeting room so there is no disruption to the regular users in the hall.

74/12/13 Planning and Licensing Matters

Since the last meeting the following applications have been circulated;

AVA/2013/0183- Proposed conversion of existing attached garage and erection of a single storey garage under permitted development at The Barn, 27 Ashbourne Road, Blackbrook - PERMITTEDAVA/2013/0201- Proposed extension and alterations to existing synthesis laboratory to provide new first floor plantroom external ventilation ductwork and plant screening. All within an established research and development site at Lubrizol (GB) Ltd

TRE/2013/0025-Oak (T1) - Crown lift and selectively crown reduce at The Barn, 27 Ashbourne Road, Blackbrook.

AVA/2013/0216-Second Storey Extension to Bedroom & Open Porch to Main Entrance at Kalamunda, Hob Hill, Hazelwood

Planning appeal AVA/2011/0960 for Paul Rougeolle at Primrose Cottage, Hazelwood Hill, Hazelwood – Unable to discuss as three Councillors have an interest.It was recommended that more attention is given to plans and that the Council have a more pro-active approach to local plans and contact neighbours where necessary as do Amber Valley.

75/12/13 Neighbourhood Planning

It was decided that the process needs to get underway for the Neighbourhood Planning. An open meeting was to be held at Idrigehay and Ashleyhay on 28th March to discuss how the local plans would affect Parishes. Environmental and economic Core Strategy processes were moving along with Amber Valley so it necessary to have something in place in Hazelwood. Amy Taylor is the contact at Amber Valley to advise any key headings to start the ball rolling.

66/12/13 Public Participation (b)

Councillor Taylor joined the meeting at this stage after attending a prior engagement. He suggested the meeting at Idridgehay and Ashleyhay would be worth attending, he had no further comments.

PART II – CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION76/12/13 Payments of the following accounts were approved and signed.

77/12/13 Date and Time of the next meeting

The next meeting will be held in the Memorial Hall, Hazelwood, at 7.30pm on 16th May 2013The meeting was closed at 9.25pm

Signed______________________________ Chairman ___________________Date