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Hazelwood Neighbourhood  Plan Steering Group


Date; Thursday October 24  2013  

Venue; Hazelwood Bowls Club Pavilion  

Present; Martin & Barbara Angold, Hugh Walford, Bob & Irene Wrigley, Robert Walker, Glen & Lesley Wall, Martin Farrell, Mike Wood, Kevin Eaton, David Railton, Michael Say.  


These were received and approved  for the Oct 17th meeting; duly signed by Kevin Eaton  

Matters arising.

Michael Say advised that the last meeting had also seen Kevin sign the Sept 12 meeting Minutes, prepared and presented by Martin Angold.   

The November 21st meeting  was not mentioned either, due to some confusion . This was confirmed as being  agreed.  

Amber Valley application; The Oct 17th meeting had agreed that the application for the group should be sent to Amber Valley. Following submission, Michael Say was contacted by Amie Taylor. Because the area to be covered by the Neighbourhood Plan was Hazelwood Parish, it meant the lead body making the application must be Hazelwood Parish Council. Her confirmation email on this point was read out. It confirmed, nevertheless, that the Planning Group was perfectly able to be the entity carrying out the work - with its own officers.   

Michael Say had already redrafted the application appropriately. The constitution document now becomes redundant. Potentially, so does the need for the group to have its own Treasurer; monetary matters, funding applications etc  remaining with the Parish Council.  

This was all noted and agreed but Mike Wood cautioned that for the avoidance of any possible future challenge, Hazelwood Parish Council should ratify the application with an appropriate Minute. This was agreed and Michael Say will provide Martin Angold with a draft application that Amber Valley is happy with for the next, impending Parish Council meeting.   

The question of whether the group title should include ‘Planning’ or ‘Steering’ or both was discussed. Bob Wrigley felt one was sufficient and henceforth  Hazelwood Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is the name.  Martin Angold saw the Steering Group with subsidiary working parties, ideally with other people involved. Glen Wall was concerned at the lack of ‘other people’ at the moment.    

Door-to-door mailing of newsletter and questionnaire

Draft copy had previously been written and distributed  for consideration. Firstly, the likely nature of the package was described by Michael Say i.e. three A4 sheets (newsletter, questionnaire, map) plus a return envelope.  He questioned the need for the map but it was felt to be important in helping residents to focus on what the ‘Neighbourhood’ meant.  The need for the package to be professionally designed in order to best capture recipients’ interest  was stressed and examples shown to demonstrate the point. The meeting was advised that this would cost around £200 which Michael Say was prepared to underwrite personally - until funding applications allowed this to be reimbursed.  He wondered, alternatively, whether  Hazelwood Parish Council could loan the funding for this, recouping  the cost similarly. Martin Angold agreed that this was a better route.   It was agreed that Michael Say could proceed to design stage on this basis.  

Copying the material is not included in the cost. Martin Farrell said that he would be happy to produce copies.   


Copy was discussed and generally accepted with specific suggestions introduced by Mike Wood. These were liked and will be integrated into the MKII draft.  

Details of the Steering Group members will be restricted to names only.

NB Bob and Irene Wrigley asked not to be regarded as Group members, due to other commitments, but will remain as recipients of communications material.



Martin Angold thought that the questions could be combined, somewhat.  Reference to ’do not like about Hazelwood’ was thought to be negative and will be removed. Hazelwood in the future will be ‘10+ years’.   The on-line route for completion had been investigated by Martin Angold and was proving technically difficult. David Railton suggested having  the questionnaire in a ‘Word’ document within the Parish Council  web site  - able to be completed and then emailed out. This will be examined by Martin Angold.  For non email responses, Martin Angold felt that it would be quite possible to have a special letter box mounted near to the main door of the Memorial Hall. In addition, the suggestion of  handing to known Group members who live  close by was agreed. Both routes will feature at the foot of the document.  


MKII draft copy will be prepared and circulated by Michael Say asap together with an outline timetable. The suggested  November 30th date for the return of the completed questionnaire was thought reasonable, providing that residents  had two weeks from receipt. This means delivery no later than November 15th.

NB To achieve the above will require volunteers and team effort to be arranged  

as soon as the design and production is completed.


Next meeting

As previously agreed, November 21st. Venue to be confirmed.  

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