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Hazelwood Neighbourhood Planning Group

Date; Thursday October 17th 2013

Venue; Hazelwood Memorial Hall

Present; Martin & Barbara Angold, Hugh Walford, Bob & Irene Wrigley, Robert Walker, Glen & Lesley Wall, Martin Farrell, Mike Wood, Kevin Eaton, Michael Say.


Kevin Eaton volunteered to be Chairman of the group. This was seconded and unanimously approved.

Michael Say volunteered to be Secretary. This was seconded and approved.

The post of Treasurer was not filled and will be covered by Martin Angold, for the time being.

Application to Amber Valley.

A formal application needs to be made with supporting documentation. On receipt, Amber Valley publicise this in case of objections/comment and the process normally takes about 6 weeks. In the meantime the group can proceed with its programme.

NB At a subsequent meeting, Michael Say and Martin Angold agreed that the documentation would consist of ;

Copy of the Constitution.

An application closely based on the Swanick Parish Council example.

Map of the parish.

Reference to Hazelwood Parish Council proposed setting up of group, as per Minute dated March 21st.

Reference to Parish Councillors as part of the group.

Importantly, once Amber Valley approve the application and the group is bona fide, applications for funding can then proceed.

Engaging with Hazelwood parishioners

It was agreed that early contact needed to be made to start the process of gaining comment and opinions from Hazelwood residents. The key to this will be the door-to-door mailing of a simple package that will have, at its heart, a questionnaire. Michael Say believed that the overall content needed to;

*Show that the group was up and running

*Detail who is involved

*Reiterate why the Neighbourhood Plan is essential in helping to protect the character of the village

*Stress that completing and returning the questionnaire, thus expressing their views, will be key to the process

Suggestions for content and methodology will be put forward by Michael Say at the next meeting. All agreed that with Christmas looming, it would be essential to see completion over the next 2-3 weeks.

Other media will be used, progressively, to spread the word, ie the Church magazine, notice boards. The Hazelwood Parish Council web - site clicking through to Neighbourhood Plan news.

Kevin Eaton suggested the strap line; ‘145 houses, 330 people - ONE VOICE’

List of Hazelwood residents and addresses.Martin Angold submitted this. It will be an important reference, in conjunction with the rather tricky parish boundary, to ensure that the door-to-door mailing is completed efficiently.

Liasing with other partners.

Martin Angold advised that this would be an important part of the process. Names mentioned included Lubrizol, Hingleys, Bowlers, the caravan site, the vicar, and no doubt others. Each would have different concerns. Some might want to be more involved and possibly help with funding.

Next meeting

Thursday October 24th, Memorial Hall, 7.00pm

All agreed that shorter, more frequent meetings would be conducive to keeping matters moving.

Hazelwood Parish  Neighbourhood Plan
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