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Hazelwood Parish Neighbourhood  Plan

Steering Group

Date; Tuesday May 6th 2014

Venue; WI, Shottlegate.

Present;  Martin Angold,  Glen & Lesley Wall, Mike Wood, Margaret Heath, Hugh Walford, Robert Walker,  Kay Reid,  Michael Say, Kevin Eaton (Chairman)

Non-Steering Group attendees; Brian Wesson, Linda Horsley, Anthony Broderick,

David and Mary Shaw, Keith Radcliffe, Sheila Deacon, Isobel Rowlands.

Chairman warmly welcomed the above and looked forward to their involvement and comments.



Martin Farrell, Judy Harris, K Walker, David Railton, Bob and Irene Wrigley.


The Minutes for April 3 were approved and signed by Chairman.

Matters arising.

Chairman wanted to settle the question of interested parties, just outside the parish periphery (‘fringe elements‘) whose input was important but who would not be able to vote in the ultimate parish referendum. If newsletters and questionnaires were distributed to these identified households, was everyone happy to include any responses within the analysis. Given the low number involved i.e. 6 approx, this was agreed as any responses could not possibly unduly affect the overall analysis.

Financial report

Martin Angold reported that £860 of the original £1800 grant had been spent.

Separately, a grant of £4,500 had been obtained for the purpose of engaging a consultant. (See later item re Helen Metcalfe)

Review of task groups’ drafts.

Following the writing of the individual drafts providing the evidential basis i.e. a picture of Hazelwood today, these had been consolidated and a précis version distributed for comment. A list of comments/observations had been received from Mike Wood and were briefly referred to but will be revisited, in detail, in due course.

The history element is not written, due to Keith Walker’s indisposition.

Overall, there was provisional agreement to the draft, at this stage. Given the impending role of the consultant, it was agreed that further work should be in abeyance until her review comments are  known.

Appointment of consultant

Approaches had been made to Helen Metcalfe, BA (Hons), MA, MRTPI,. Director, Planning with People. This independent consultant had worked with the Idridgehay team, AVBC and came well recommended. Michael Say had also attended a CPRE sponsored presentation some months ago in Belper where Helen had provided an excellent outline of the process.

Martin Angold advised that the intention was for Helen to meet the Steering Group at the scheduled Thursday June 19th meeting. A  6.00pm  start was agreed for this

Prior to this, Chairman, Martin Angold and Michael Say will meet Helen at her house on Tuesday June 17 at 1.30pm to pre-brief her and to agree the agenda for the Thursday meeting. Martin will be providing Helen Metcalfe with material produced,

thus far, to bring her up to speed.

Newsletter and Final Questionnaire distribution.

The material had been printed by courtesy of Martin Farrell, who was thanked, in absentia. Michael Say gave a brief run through of the background and the intentions. This gave rise to general discussion, particularly re; some issues covered by the questionnaire;

*Safer walking to enable children to more easily access the playing field and to facilitate better community relations. This also raised the dilemma of a solution that would not urbanise the environment.

*Issues regarding greater use of the Memorial Hall could have repercussions regarding more traffic in Farnah Green; already subject to speeding traffic.

* Playing field issues would need to take into account its Constitution and the relevant Trustees.

*Young people still not involved. Hopefully, the questionnaire and the newsletter’s concerted focus will help - with parental urging - plus the opportunity provided by the stand at the village fete.

*Buses - need for a discussion with the operator.

The extra copies for distribution were agreed and provided, including three to cover the Puss in Boots, Hanging Gate and the Blue Bell.

The distribution teams were asked to complete the task by Sunday May 11th,inclusive.

Michael Say stressed the need for the individual groups to confirm the exact number each delivers in order to provide a sound base for the subsequent analysis

Vision statement drafts

Two possible versions had been circulated for comment. Martin Angold felt that it was important to have a statement broadly agreed for when the consultant becomes involved, even though it may well be altered later.

Subsequent discussion involved differing views, particularly regarding Hazelwood ‘growing’ in the future. Given that a number of the Steering Group members were absent from the meeting, Chairman suggested that a separate note be sent out specifically asking for comments, not just about the two drafts  but other alternatives, if colleagues felt so moved. This was agreed.

Any other business

The stand at the village fete needs to be worked on and Chairman will organise a small group, accordingly.

Next meeting

Thursday June 19th, 6.00pm, Memorial Hall

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