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Hazelwood Neighbourhood  Plan Steering Group

Date; Thursday March 6th 2014

Venue; Memorial Hall, Hazelwood.

Present; David Railton, Bob & Irene Wrigley,  Hugh Walford, Glen & Lesley Wall, Mike Wood, Keith Walker, Judy Harris, Robert Walker,  Kay Reid, Michael Say, Kevin Eaton (Chairman),


Martin and Barbara Angold.

Chairman welcomed Kay Reid from Blackbrook.


The Minutes for the Thursday January 16th meeting were approved and signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising.

The only matter raised concerned the questionnaire analysis. Michael Say said he needed to finalise this to fully account for the very last receipts and to simplify the percentages, as previously agreed.

Review of February 20th Open Evening.

Overall, everyone agreed that the evening had gone well. The informal feed-back appeared to be positive and the comment ‘Very professional’ had been heard.

Numbers v. expectation

Looking at the evening objectively, the list of attendees, less Steering Group members, indicated a net total of 47. As a percentage of the net residents total 318, this gave an attendance percentage of 14.78% i.e. just under 15%. This was the ‘glass half full or half empty’ syndrome, depending on one’s point of view. The encouraging thing was a sprinkling of residents from the edges of the parish i.e. Blackbrook and Shottlegate.

NB The incidence of new names i.e. not previously recorded, needs to be established re the basic data base (see next item)

Data base

The listings held need to be rationalised and will be the subject of discussion between Martin Angold, Kevin Eaton and Michael Say. The key list is the email addresses which will provide the easiest form of contacting at least the core of residents  with future communications.

Perceived interest/engagement

There was general discussion about the attendance and the need to continue to work hard at gaining people’s interest. Chairman stressed that improving engagement was the order of the day. Suggestions to achieve this were;

1/ Ensuring that all on-line and printed communications showed the banner masthead altered to include Blackbrook, Shottlegate and Farnah Green. These were agreed as the other named, definable hamlets, each partially within the parish.

Action; MS to work with MA/KE to come up with a graphic modification.

2/ Holding Steering Group meetings in alternative locations to support and show inclusiveness.

Action; David Railton will provide Shottlegate WI meeting hall contact to

Michael Say.

3/ Ensuring that a level of communications is maintained by both door-to-door and on-line.

Action; Michael Say to look at the programme and suggest tactics

4/ Taking a stand at the village fete. This was readily agreed.

  Action; to be agreed

5/ Some form of big event, possibly social, to encourage engagement.

  Action; Kevin Eaton to focus opinion for a provisional June date.

Questions raised.

These had been circulated from the post-it notes written during the evening.

Firstly, it was felt that the Location/Identity points had already been addressed with appropriate action points.

The Events points were not so easy to address as these were not generally related to the land usage platform of the Neighbourhood Plan. Inevitably, many of the activities would be down to local residents volunteering and supporting such activities. A separate forum may be the answer, as set up by the Idridghay group.

Action, Martin Angold, Kevin Eaton to consider this.

The Miscellaneous point were noted

Because of the anonymity of the notes provided, it was agreed that it will not be possible to individually answer points. Future communications, possibly a newsletter, can be used to summarise the points raised and likely actions.

Action; Michael Say re; communications suggestions.  (See earlier note)

Parish boundary/referendum criteria

The discussion moved to the wide geographical area of the parish and its lack of connection, as ‘Hazelwood’, to outlying hamlets e.g. Shottlegate. Mike Wood felt that it would be useful to question AVBC as to what leeway there might be as regards villagers;

 * not within the  parish boundary

 *contiguous to it

 * interested in and potentially affected by the Neighbourhood Plan.

 * currently, not able to vote because they are not parish residents

Action; It was agreed that Hazelwood Parish Council would be best to be seen to be making this enquiry. Keith Walker, as Deputy Chairman of the parish will make the approach ASAP.

Tasks and progress.

Mike Wood/Keith Walker - Settlement character

A paper giving an inventory and description of the parish’s  dwellings and character had already been circulated. Mike also presented a Planning Practice Guidance ref; ‘What is neighbourhood planning?’ hot off a Government web site

(http://planning guidance.planning portal.gov.uk)

which he urged colleagues to read in view of its relevance and timeliness.

It was agreed that the work was very much as required. Mike suggested another two months to test the criteria, vis a viz the guidance note and to generally develop the matter. In conjunction with that, Keith Walker is undertaking to provide the historical context.

Age profile - Bob Wrigley

The previously circulated paper showed the age profile to be slightly skewed to the over 65 group. The conclusions affected younger buyers because of  a lack of affordable homes and older residents wishing to downsize but remain  within the parish. Mike Wood had circulated his comments and suggested scenarios.

Mike’s comments also identified the need for further research  to establish more information about both ends of the housing conundrum, as identified.

Action; This will be included within the communications considerations, as per earlier


Young people - Carol and Nathan Wood

The suggested email link for suggestions from young people in the village had not, as yet, produced a response.

Community facilities - Hugh Walford

Following a trawl through the questionnaire responses, Hugh had produced a comprehensive summary of  current and wished-for facilities. Within the ‘land usage’ criterion, the three particularly noted for further development were;

Extension of the use of the Memorial Hall - where this might involve physically enlarging or providing another/additional  facility elsewhere within the parish

More voice and power over planning issues - which the Neighbourhood Plan is all about

Affordable housing/provision for elderly - in hand via Mike Wood’s work.

Action; Hugh to continue developing thoughts. It may be an area for further research, particularly regarding the current Memorial Hall facility, usage, opportunities/constraints.

Again, a number of topics fall into the Parish Council’s remit - for appropriate action via some sort of forum

Action; Martin Angold and Kevin Eaton

Landscape character - Glen and Lesley Wall

A draft paper had been produced and was read out by Glen. This was thought to be well along the right lines. More work will be carried out and pictures included.

Action; Glen and Lesley plus the current draft to be sent on-line to Michael Say for group circulation.

Planning history - Martin Angold

To follow on Martin’s return from holiday.

Vision, objectives, policies.

Michael Say put forward the suggestion that, even now - and on the strength of the questionnaire analysis - it would be perfectly possible to be at least considering thoughts for the above. Vision and objectives were easier at this stage than policies but in order to keep up the momentum, he suggested Martin Angold, Kevin Eaton and himself form a working group to  pursue this task. This was agreed.

‘Road map’ update.

This will be an agenda item for Martin Angold, Kevin Eaton and Michael Say at an early gathering. A suggested document, not yet circulated, was thought to need simplification; one side of A4 being the target.

Over the next three months, the rough outline could be;

Thursday April 3rd - Steering Group meeting to further update on progress

Thursday May 8th - As above but with completion of task groups’ papers.

         (Original, outline time frame of two months from January)

June  - All  task group papers combined into a cogent narrative to give the evidential  basis for the draft Plan.

 Draft vision, objectives and possible policies well advanced.

Any other business

The Secretary reported that Aimie Taylor from AVBC had officially confirmed Hazelwood Parish’s designation as a Neighbourhood Area, for the preparation of its Plan. Her email dated Feb 13 2014, refers.

Next meeting.

Thursday April 3rd 7.00pm. Venue to be confirmed