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Hazelwood Neighbourhood  Plan Steering Group


Date; Thursday December 5th 2013

Venue; Milton, Hazelwood Hill (Martin and Barbara Angold)

  Present; Martin & Barbara Angold, Hugh Walford, Glen & Lesley Wall, Mike Wood, Kevin Eaton,  David Railton, Judy Davis, Michael Say.

  Apologies Martin Farrell.

  Minutes. The Minutes for November 21st were approved and signed by The Chairman.

  Matters arising

None other than those being dealt with during the meeting.

  Questionnaire analysis.

The meeting split into two groups to read, digest and broadly agree what the main findings appeared to be. After each group had exchanged  and therefore read all questionnaires, the opinion was that respondees were generally in agreement as regards the sweep of their views. These were roughly summarised;


Q1 …..attractions of living here? Peaceful, rural aspects, views, easy access to Duffield, Belper etc


Q2... changed  much/for better or for worse?

Mixed views on for better or worse - to be quantified in the detailed analysis.

Where ’worse’ was stated or implied, elements such as inappropriate new builds, traffic speeding, road surface quality, lack of shop, less community spirit were noted   

Q3...changes or improvements would you like to see?

Again, mixed response with some liking as is. Where suggestions were made, these noted affordable housing, better Broadband, better bus service (particularly to Derby),

tighter planning procedures - among several others


Q4...challenges in the future?

Broadly, a majority against much in the way of development;  particularly strongly against wind farms and solar panel ‘fields’. Some openness to limited and appropriate scale  rural industry, housing for older people and ‘affordable housing’ candidates. Again, specific percentages to be determined through detailed analysis.   

Q5 …Hazelwood in 10+ years time? Fairly strongly, ’Much the same’ i.e. recognisably retaining the same current character and rural identity. In fact, completing the circle by coming back to the values in Question 1 which attracted villagers to Hazelwood in the first place.      

The meeting agreed that the vision originally posited for Hazelwood’s Neighbourhood Plan of retaining its rural character appeared to be in accord with the views expressed by villagers. It was a good start point. Work now needed to be undertaken to develop and underpin the premise.   Martin Angold said that topics which have arisen which are not part of the Neighbourhood Plan remit will still provide useful discussion points for the Parish Council.

  In order that the returned information can be accurately used to formulate the next steps in the process, Michael Say will produce a quantified analysis asap.


Next step - presentation to villagers.

Chairman believed strongly that it was important to feed back the responses to the villagers as soon as possible. A Memorial Hall presentation had been suggested, previously. This was agreed -  with a ‘Free wine and cheese‘ incentive!    Michael Say felt, however,  that this presentation also had to show what conclusions had been reached from the information supplied and what the Steering Group intended to do with it. Certainly, the key findings and conclusions from the questionnaires’ analysis will underpin what is said and suggested. Evidence-based information would be required to further support the vision and the presentation would need to show, typically, what this would be. Inevitably, desk research would figure here.   Thursday February 20th was agreed as the date (rather than a January Friday). This will give proper time for the preparation of a Powerpoint presentation.


Other Neighbourhood Plans.

Michael Say believed that sight of Neighbourhood Plan documents already in being was crucial. These would give all concerned in the Steering Group a real indication as to what was being worked towards and what, typically, needed to be included. At the moment he felt that ‘the next step’, other than the presentation, was difficult to grasp.     


Key dates and actions                                                                                    

1/ ‘Thank you’ email to all those on the list a/ For everyone who completed questionnaire

b/ Giving early advice of presentation on Feb 20

 KE to draft for despatch via MA list   ASAP

Use Parish Mag. January issue- copy date December 15th


2/ Attendance by KE& MS @ Idridgehay  

Plan group public meeting re; their survey feedback, for info. Wednesday December 18 7.30pm St James Church



  Early working party starting to plan presentation content, following MS analysis of questionnaires response.                             ASAP

  3/ Door-to-door mailing publicising Feb 20 presentation       Mid -January/third week

MS and KE to start work on wording and design. Consider highlighting some key findings from analysis, as per GW suggestion. ASAP.

  NB    Plus use Parish display cabinet

Parish mag. Feb issue - copy date Jan 20th

  4/ Steering Group        Update and planning.                                      

Key items;

a/ door-to-door mailing,                       

b/ review suggested content of Feb 20 presentation             Thursday January 16th


5/ Presentation to villagers      Thursday February 20th

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